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Category: News

Socati aims to open doors to CBD market

A service has been launched which offers new and existing brands focused on delivering hemp-infused goods to create and customise a number of CBD products.

Italian and Dutch firms join forces

Two companies have joined forces to launch a range of ‘cannabis light’ into the Italian market, after the product was legalised for sale there.

CBD oil and fibromyalgia – a case study

Fibromyalgia is a neurological condition where inappropriate nerve signals produced in the brain cause widespread pain, aching, tingling, burning, throbbing and stabbing pains…

Woman with MS sues over cannabis dismissal

An American woman who was using CBD oil to relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) is suing her former employer after being dismissed following a failed drug test.

A Good deal all round

A CBD manufacturer has secured a listing with a leading UK wholesaler for medical and health and beauty products.

Drinks makers tap into cannabis surge

The global market for drinks containing cannabis is expected 12 to be worth £2.1bn by 2025, with Canada leading the way in developing new products…