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Category: Case Studies

Save your HRT, give me CBD

Going through the menopause hit Jenny hard, with an array of side-effects leaving her exhausted and wanting to hide from the world. Here, she shares her story of how CBD is helping her to rediscover the fun-loving woman she used to be.

Why we’re taking NICE to court over cannabis denial

The parents of Charlie Hughes have seen cannabis medicine transform their two-year-old’s life. They are now gearing up for a legal battle to help them and other families access the treatment on the NHS.

CBD oil and fibromyalgia – a case study

Fibromyalgia is a neurological condition where inappropriate nerve signals produced in the brain cause widespread pain, aching, tingling, burning, throbbing and stabbing pains…

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way

Brave William Frost was given less than six months to live when his terminal condition progressed. Then his parents discovered CBD, and a special diet, and everything changed, as Andrew Mernin reports.

‘I thought I’d won the lottery – it was amazing’

When Elaine Levy discovered medicinal cannabis for her daughter Fallon, 25, their lives were transformed immeasurably. Ensuring this change is irreversible comes at a heavy cost, however, as Elaine tells Cannabis Health.

“I just wasn’t ready to give up on my son”

‘Drug smuggler,’ ‘social services risk’ and ‘good cop turned bad’ were just some of the accusations thrown at Lisa Quarrell during the fight to save her son’s life. But it was all worth it…

Parents are getting refused every day and things have to change

Last year Hannah Deacon became the first person to bring medicinal cannabis oil into the UK legally. But while her son Alfie now has the medication he desperately needed, Hannah’s campaigning goes on as other families continue to suffer, as Andrew Mernin reports.