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NR Times is the only regular magazine helping brain and spinal injury professionals work smarter and stay informed on the latest breakthroughs and developments in neuro-rehab. 

Written by award-winning journalists, our content is shaped and developed by contributors from every profession related to neuro-rehab. The magazine is delivered directly to over 5,000 brain and spinal injury professionals, including executives at clinical commissioning groups, NHS trusts, major care home operators, within therapy fields and legal and financial services.

As well as providing the inside track on developments in neuro-rehab, each quarterly edition includes industry intelligence, commentary and profile interviews with executive level brain and spinal injury professionals. Our editorial team is regularly in attendance at global neuro-rehab events and provides in-depth but concise reportage for our busy readers.

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NR Times Coverage

Covering every field, discipline and level of the UK’s brain and spinal injury care sector.

Leaders and key staff at every UK independent
neuro-rehab provider

Senior doctors and nurses on NHS brain injury wards

Neuro occupational and speech therapists with brain and spinal injury clients

Private and NHS neuro psychologists

Physiotherapists with an interest in neurology

Social workers involved in the field of brain injury

Brain injury case managers

Lawyers involved in brain and spinal injury cases

Key decision-makers at every CCG in the country

Specialist equipment and technology manufacturers

Specialist drug manufacturers

Government representatives including the health minister

Regulatory bodies Third sector leaders

Copies at major UK and global industry events

Our estimated total readership is 16,000, according to independent research

Non UK-based neuro-rehab professionals

NR Times subscribers in numbers

An independent voice backed by leading experts

UKABIF chair Mike Barnes on the organisation’s relationship with NR Times

At UKABIF we have long recognised that more could
be done to bring the UK’s many brain and spinal injury professionals closer together.

While there are many fantastic events and forums which enable us all to share ideas, collectively tackle challenges and find new opportunities, our sector lacks the regular, influential publication that most other healthcare fields are served by.

We believe NR Times is a vital resource for brain and spinal injury professionals of all disciplines.

It enables them to keep up with the very latest research developments and advancements every quarter; and gain expert advice on improving the way we all do things. It also offers a platform for the sharing of opinions and ideas and helps individuals and public and private sector organisations to learn, grow and thrive in our ever-changing field.

From day one of our discussions with Aspect Publishing Ltd it was set out that NR Times is not a talking shop for UKABIF.

It is an independent magazine which merely has the support of an editorial panel of UKABIF experts who ensure content is tailored exactly to the needs of brain and spinal injury professionals.

The result is a compelling package for both readers and advertisers.

Editorial themes in the magazine

Breakthrough research and case studies linking NR and major conditions.

Analysis of trends and changes in neuro-rehab and related advice and guidance for professionals.

Funding challenges and opportunities for public and private sector organisations

The inside track on NHS plans and decision-making from those in the know.

In-depth reports into new and emerging methodologies and approaches within neuro-rehab.

News and developments from the professional services firms which serve NR.

The inside track on NHS plans and decision-making from those in the know.

Insight on legal and regulatory changes and developments from leading experts in the field.

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