CBD Universe, a private label manufacturer and distributor, and Spyder, a global ski and performance brand, have partnered up to create a hemp-infused product line built for an active lifestyle.

The new Spyder CBD Collection features a range of products infused with CBD derived from hemp and combined with “tough” ingredients designed to withstand the elements.

Its creators say the prodcts can help to aid in recovery. 

The collection includes body lotion, cooling muscle balm, hydrating face cream, lip balm, sunscreen and the “Essentials Travel Set”.

Justin Pentelute, CEO of CBD Universe, said: “Anyone who spends extended periods of time outdoors knows how varying conditions can affect your skin, muscles and joints.

“Spyder is the most trusted brand within the ski community, among athletes and active consumers globally and CBD Universe’s topical CBD-infused products are a natural extension for this storied brand.”

All products are infused with pure cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant.

Topical application of CBD is increasingly recognised for its effects on reducing skin and muscle inflammation, which may ease pain for active users.

Daniel W. Dienst, executive vice chairman at Authentic Brands Group, owner of Spyder, said: “CBD Universe is a highly-respected pioneer in the industry, and we’re excited to launch the Spyder CBD Collection through this partnership.

“This new line of topicals can meet the needs of elite Olympic athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between, which creates a great opportunity to bring these world-class products to the market.” 

The Spyder CBD Collection is available now at Spyder.CBDUniverse.com.